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Wearable Art

As seasons change, we will be offering handcrafted specialty items - one of a kind piece that we like to call "wearble art." Hats, Scarves, Purses, Wraps... please contact the artists for more examples and images.  

Silk Scarves

Our nuno silk scarves, jackets and shawls draw from the centuries old process of turning fiber into fabric. In the nuno process, fabric is enabled by the ability of natural fibers (plant and animal) to mat together. The nuno wet felting process used in these pieces requires the use of pure silk and wool along with soap, water and agitation causing the fibers to lock together. For more unlimited creativity and effects, these goods may also incorporate dual needle dry felting and other special hand made and hand sewn embellishments. The silk is hand dyed using acid dyes to mold a palette of custom colors. Many steps of the process are then carried out to add the wool, including a demanding design process, followed by a disciplined physical process of throwing and kneading (fulling and felting) resulting in a free flowing, and unique art work in the end. The designs are inspired by nature with motifs of the local landscapes, earth, wind and water incorporated, resulting in organic, airy, or linear motifs that are often enhanced with random ruching or puckered effects.