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Artist Biography and Work

Pamela White Glaser

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”

Thomas Merton

I believe the best scenario for a maturing artist is to be constantly inspired and exposed to new things. Life is full of discoveries – I’m fortunate that I can now see each day as part of the journey. For me, it is about drawing from within to that internal database of experiences. Thomas Merton points out perhaps the greatest challenge of discovery and self exploration - understanding ourselves.

I love a riot of color and images. ( I’ve been blown away by the color and textures of the yarns and fibers that I find in North Carolina ) It's simple; Color Juxtaposition – this is what drives me. Collage and mixed media allow the type of expression I seek in telling a story. Maybe it goes back to my work as a textile designer or it is the relief from my sometimes intense job as a city planner, but I certainly appreciate the zen qualities of painting and knitting. I like the idea of wearable art and art that is affordable – that someone can own and enjoy a one of a kind piece is just great. My study of history and art brings to life images and motifs of past cultures, civilizations and earthy landscapes. I am inspired by unbelievably rich characters and stories, - writers, architects and artists like Epicurus, Balzac, Hardy, Manet, Mackintosh, Sargent, Wright, and Morris. I adore the designs of the 1920’s and 1930’s. And who can forget the explosive color of Gerrit Thomas, Matisse and Gaugin or the simplicity of Mondrian and Corbusier? I want to take something away from each.  

There is always a constant current of this region in my work, the mountains, the river, trees, fish – Appalachia. Tromping around the Ocoee, Hiwassee and Tellico rivers with my boyfriend has taught me a lot about this area. As he scouts for trout, I’m sketching and photographing away. I never anticipated so much beauty in rocks, lichen or a puddle of water. In the future and when forced indoors this winter, I hope to develop my painted quilts concept and eventually, get back to larger pieces again, create pet portraits and my folk furniture pieces. For now, my experiences are mainly translated in yarn, fabric, paper, metal, and on smaller canvases.


Born: Wilmington, DE

High School: William Henry Harrison, Evansville, IN

B.A. - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 2008

Asssociation of Visual Artists, member since 1987

"Parent" to two rescue dogs - Joe and Skoshi

Dream Job: Working at the TN Aquarium

Dream Studio: On the Brittany Coast, N. France