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About Us

With MOUNTAINWAY’S fresh outlook, stories of old come together with a modern sensibility to include current interests and trends. We will showcase the best of the region by also reviving retro favorites and past contributors through arts, gifts and collectible goods. We are located in Soddy-Daisy, Tennesee in a small town that sits at the base of the Cumberland Plateau near the Tennessee river.

What makes the region so special? What is all the fuss about? It's not easy to put a finger on it. It is sometimes just a feeling, a sense, but not necessarily something you have to be born with. Well maybe a little bit; the most devote southerner will always want to know, “Where are you frommmmm?” The mountain spirit is represented in the food, arts, and music of the region. It soars from craggy peaks and settles in misty valleys. Our collection attempts to capture that special spirit. 

Once introduced to the Appalachian region’s unique history and culture, a visitor will surely leave with great memories and new favorite places. They should also take home a little south in their heart along with a new appreciation for the simplier life of the mountians and nature. They may walk a little slower, thump out a country tune on their knee or stand in stilllness with the forest below them. If so, it has started to take – they are experiencing the “mountainway” of life. 


Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379

Studio Hours:

By Appointment